• Steampunk Dragon

    Category: Fantasy

    The Steampunk Dragon is a mysterious creature that appears to be composed of various mechanical and clockwork pieces.

    Steampunk Dragon

    Steampunk Dragon

    Scientific Name

    Draco mechanicus


    The Steampunk Dragon is often heard before it is seen, as the antiquated machinery that makes up its body is constantly clanking, cranking, and spouting out steam, smoke and fire from its various exhaust pipes and vents as it trudges along. Cogs, rivets, pipes and gears have all mysteriously formed a shape that resembles a fearsome dragon.


    The exact manner of the Steampunk Dragon’s creation is unknown, but there are many stories.

    One story puts forth the theory that it arose from bits of discarded and disused machinery that were enchanted by a sorcerer whose name has been lost to time.

    Another tale explains that the Steampunk Dragon was originally an organic, reptilian creature whose body parts were replaced bit by bit with machinery and mechanical pieces, until nothing organic remained.

    Others believe it to be a fully mechanical automaton, piloted or controlled by an outside force with no thought or feeling of its own.

    Present Status

    The Steampunk Dragon is very difficult to destroy, as it can rebuild itself from even a single piece. It is believed the only way to truly destroy it is to target its power source, which is thought to lie deep within the core of the dragon’s torso. However, even this may not be enough to truly defeat the creature. Some believe that the beast could be melted down, though others contend that a molten form would only make the creature more formidable. As yet, no one has gotten close enough to try and lived to tell the tale!