• Smoke Dragon

    Category: Fantasy

    The slithery Smoke Dragon is a malicious creature that swirls through the air like tendrils of smoke.

    Smoke Dragon

    Smoke Dragon

    Scientific Name

    Draco fumi


    The Smoke Dragon is lithe and sinewy and twists and curls like a wisp of smoke. Its body is mostly ashy and gray in coloration like the dark clouds that emanate from its nostrils and mouth. Its eyes are bright red, betraying its malicious intent.


    Smoke Dragons often form symbiotic relationships with Fire Dragons. While the latter has the advantage of having three fire-breathing heads, the former has great wings that allow it to take flight. Together, they form a devastating duo that can lay waste to anything in their path.

    Smoke Dragons are devious creatures who seem to take joy in causing destruction. Alone, they are formidable beasts, but when working with Fire Dragons they create a nearly impenetrable atmosphere of smoke and fire that leaves nothing unburnt.

    Present Status

    These dragons are rarely seen, since they typically shroud themselves in a dense cloud of smoke. However, there's no mistaking the damage they wreak upon villages. These creatures are not common and rarely encountered, but even a single individual is capable of inflicting massive amounts of devastation.