• Love Dragon

    Category: Fantasy

    Love Dragons are the guardians of true love. A baby Love Dragon hatches whenever a couple pledges true love, and as the dragon grows it keeps watch over the couple, flying around them in swirling motions and protecting their love from enemies.

    Love Dragon

    Love Dragon

    Baby Love Dragon

    Baby Love Dragon

    Scientific Name

    Draco amare


    Love Dragons are born a pale pink, and as they grow and the love they protect gets stronger, they turn a deeper and richer pink. They often curl their bodies into heart shapes to remind observers of the power of love.


    The first written account of a Love Dragon comes from a squire of one of the Knights of the Round Table. His master pledged his love to another, who responded in kind, and after that moment a small Love Dragon could always be seen nearby when they were together.

    Love Dragons will always stay near two lovers as long as their feelings for each other persist. Unlike many of their fearsome cousins, Love Dragons are benevolent creatures who will only become aggressive if those they protect are threatened.

    Present Status

    The population of Love Dragons is directly related to the amount of love in the world. The more love there is, the more dragons there are to protect it.