• Grumpy Dragon

    Category: Fantasy

    The Grumpy Dragon is distantly related to the Forest Dragon. It is well known for its consistently unpleasant disposition. While it makes its displeasure very clear in its expression, the Grumpy Dragon is actually harmless.

    Grumpy Dragon

    Grumpy Dragon

    Scientific Name

    Draco serveriorum


    This dragon is often found with his arms folded, lips curled downward, and nostrils flared. Whatever is going on, it's a safe bet that the Grumpy Dragon is not a fan.

    Like their Forest Dragon cousins, Grumpies are green and feature prominent horns on their head. However, they lack wings, which may explain why they're so grumpy. Their sour demeanor may be related to the loss of their wings, which they still harbor resentment over.


    It's not known if the loss of the Grumpy's wings was a result of evolution or some magical event, although their eternally dour attitude would seem to point to magic as the culprit. While they will not attack humans, they will insist on regaling travelers who cross their path with stories of the old days, when their kind had wings, and lament about how unfair the world is. These rants can last for hours or even days.

    Present Status

    Grumpy Dragons are not rare, but they do not range as far as Forest Dragons. They inhabit similar environments, but their lack of wings leaves them unable to travel too far, so they prefer to stake out a small territory and stay there.