• Griffin

    Category: Fantasy

    A Griffin, also spelled Griffon or Gryphon, is a beast with the back half of a lion, and the front half of an eagle.




    The griffin is seen as a majestic and noble creature, as it combines elements of two animals considered to be the kings of their respective animal groups. Specifically, griffins possess the rear legs and tail of a lion, while the head, wings and front legs are those of an eagle. Griffins appear in many ancient myths from a variety of cultures including Ancient Iran, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and medieval folklore.

    Various literary sources state that griffins live in India, Ethiopa, or the Hyperborean Mountains. The Hyperboreans were a mythical race of giants that Ancient Greeks believed lived in the far north.

    Griffins are said to love gold, and are the natural enemy of horses.

    Present Status

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