• Freedom Dragon

    Category: Fantasy

    The Freedom Dragon inspires courage and determination, and serves as a symbol to those who fight just causes.

    Freedom Dragon

    Freedom Dragon

    Scientific Name

    Draco liberatus


    The Freedom Dragon stands tall and proud. His uniquely spined wings give its a regal look, along with the starburst of spikes around its head. Its face resembles that of the Bald Eagle.


    Though it may look stern and uncaring, the Freedom Dragon is unflappably dedicated to protecting those who it believes face injustice. With a strong sense of morality and justice, the Freedom Dragon often appears unexpectedly to turn the tide of battles, siding with those it feels are fighting for a truly just cause. However, if the victors aren’t careful and engage in acts of corruption and oppression after they win, they may find themselves on the wrong side of the Freedom Dragon’s ire.

    Present Status

    No one knows exactly where or when the Freedom Dragon will show up next, but if there are people or creatures being treated unfairly or unjustly, it’s a good bet that you might hear the beats of the Freedom Dragon’s wings nearby as he prepares to deliver his justice.