• Flower Dragon

    Category: Fantasy

    Flower Dragons hibernate for most of the year, only arising with the thaw of winter snow to mark the arrival of spring.

    Flower Dragon

    Flower Dragon

    Scientific Name

    Draco flos


    Flower Dragons are small, bird-like dragons that leave brilliant splashes of color everywhere they fly. Though they are quick fliers and not always spotted, they can be felt in the form of a warm spring breeze. They are strikingly colored, though they are able to blend in with their environment by mimicking flowers. Thus, they are easily overlooked if they do not wish to be seen.


    Many cultures celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of spring by holding feasts and festivals honoring the coming of the Flower Dragons. Flower Dragons are not shy, and are often curious and eager to encounter people, flitting about them like butterflies or birds. However, they are only encountered in unspoiled woodland, so are not frequently observed by people in villages or towns.

    Present Status

    Flower Dragons are not necessarily rare, but only appear during the spring and disappear before the arrival of summer.