• Earth Dragon

    Category: Fantasy

    The Earth Dragon is the physical embodiment of the spirit of the entire world. As a symbol of hope, it protects all the world’s creatures and natural places.

    Earth Dragon

    Earth Dragon

    Scientific Name

    Draco terra


    The Earth Dragon’s status as the world incarnate is evident on its body: Its wings contain the stars, its horns are tree branches, its scales are leaves, its spines are waves, and its legs are gnarled trunks.


    The Earth Dragon is most often seen when a great threat arises to the natural environment. Though it is typically a benevolent spirit, this dragon is quite formidable and is known to defend the natural flora and fauna of a region with unmatched fierceness.

    When it is seen, which is rare, it typically arises from the ground, and exits by taking to the night sky, rising up and up until the blue of its wings becomes lost in the starry night sky.

    Present Status

    It is thought that this Dragon was born at the same time as the Earth, appointed as its representative symbol and protector. Though it has not been seen in ages, it is thought that it still slumbers deep within the earth, conserving its strength and awaiting the next time it will be called upon to defend the natural world.