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    Wild Safari North American Wildlife
    Fairy Fantasies
    Wild Safari Prehistoric World
    Good Luck Minis
    Wild Safari Sea Life
    Great Dinos
    Wild Safari Wildlife
    Incredible Creatures
    Wild Wildlife
    Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Life
    Wings of the World Birds
    Mythical Realms
    Winner's Circle Horses
    Safari Farm
    Friends of Safari
    BiOBUDDi Eco-Friendly Blocks

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    Safari's Toys

    All of our Safari Ltd? Toys That Teach? are great tools for developing minds and can be used in a variety of ways. They’re perfect for Imaginative Play and Group Play to help children learn and play creatively together. You can bring our toys virtually anywhere: the backyard sandbox, the beach, even a long car ride is a perfect place for Safari Ltd? to help keep kids interested in playing while learning at the same time. Whether it’s a special occasion, vacation or school project, our Safari Toys can help encourage more outdoor play and less screen time!

    You can also see below for some descriptions of our figures and how they might apply to your more specific needs.

    Boy playing with a floating toy in the water

    Floating Toys and Water Play

    Whether in the bathtub or the swimming pool, floating toys can help spark a child’s imagination. These toys are hollow which means they won’t sink, and larger sized so they’re less likely to get lost at the pool or in the ocean. Or you can choose any of our sea life figures to have an underwater adventure. But why limit yourself? Birds, dinosaurs, dragons…all of our figures are durable and water safe!

    Squid and pufferfish toys

    Boy playing with lemur toys outside

    Toys for Play Therapy

    Children can use play to work through issues and address challenges that are otherwise difficult to express. Sandtray therapy is a common method. Themed TOOBS? can help kids act out scenarios in a miniature environment. TOOBS? and larger Incredible Creatures? can also be used in sensory play for children to hone their developing motor skills. Ultimately, any of our figures can be used for therapeutic purposes, and not just for kids. As George Bernard Shaw said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

    Two boys playing with safari toys

    Toys for Role Play

    Role-playing helps kids learn and develop social skills and creativity. While all of our figures can spark a child’s imagination, there are some that are more specially suited for role play. Our Safariology? line allows children to become backyard explorers, while themed TOOBS? can help them create entire miniature environments to engage with and create their own world of creative play.

    Bird, monkey, and other toys

    Toys for STEM learning

    Toys for S.T.E.M. Learning

    Spark a child’s interest in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with our Safariology? line, focusing on scientific processes and hands-on engagement with the natural world. Our Good Luck Minis? are small and easy for counting and sorting exercises. In fact, just about all of our toys provide a way for children and adults to appreciate the science of the natural world.


    Whatever the event or activity in your life, we are here to make it a memorable one with the perfect details.

    Dragon Toy
    Sun dragon toy

    Safari Ltd? Gift Sets

    Still not sure what you're looking for? Try a gift set. Create your own unique gift from some of our Safari Favorites. Whether it’s Spring, Summer, or a celebration, whatever the occasion, make it Safari! :)

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